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Spelunker HD
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Journey to the Underground
Spelunking isn't for the faint of heart.
But, luckily you are equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done!
Jump CellAction Jump
Jump over holes and onto ledges, but don't jump too high or you will get hurt!
Shoot CellAction Jump
Blow away ghosts with your portable fan before they blow you away!
Flash CellAction Flash
Launch flares to repel attacking bats. Don't get hit by their guano droppings or a falling flare!
Blast CellAction Dynamite
Blast rocks with the dynamite that has been scattered around the levels. Be careful not to get caught in the blast!
Ride CellAction Ride
Ride a variety of vehicles down many dark shafts. Beware; some are easier to control than others!
Deep below the surface, the perils of the terrain are
compounded by countless creatures; both living and dead!
Natural threats
Huge boulders, falling rocks, shooting flames, steam vents, pits, geysers, icy slopes, waterfalls and other natural dangers abound.
Enemy Ghost
There is no outrunning the persistent ghosts; they will hunt you down if you don't deal with them first.
Enemy Bats
Whether flying solo or in groups, these giant bats pack a nasty punch!
CAUTION! A group of bats launch massive attacks!A variety of ghosts await you... Watch out for the GIANT GHOST!
Enemy Snakes / Spiders
Cave-dwelling snakes are as swift as they are fatal.
Watch your feet!
Poisonous spiders hang by a thread... as will you, if you let down your guard.
Death CellWatching where you are landing.
There are many ways to die, but don't stop to fret or you might just run out of air!
If you jump down from too high a location such as a slope or a rope, you may not land in one piece!Play with CAUTION!
When a bomb goes off, don't get caught in the blast.
Spelunking with Friends
Multiple people can play together, and online mode allows players to join remotely.
Take the party underground!
Team up and tackle treacherous multiplayer caverns. Play nicely and revive fallen teammates before their clocks expire!
Ditch your competitors and race past the obstacles to the goal! Watch your character celebrate as your opponent struggles to finish!
Check out your placement in the online rankings. Explore deeper and rise to the top!
Online mode up to 6 players
Offline mode up to 4 players
Collaborate / Compete / Triumph
Choice of Graphics and Sounds
Choose between new 3D graphics or
2D graphics reminiscent of the original.
New look / Classic
New graphics and sound for a brand new experience!
Feeling retro? Enjoy all-new level design in old-school taste!
Variety of worlds
There are 10 unique worlds with more than
100 mind-bending stages to explore!
More than 100 stages to play!
Old Mines
Long abandoned, the mines are filled with many tricks and challenges.
Ancient Ruins
Angry spirits occupy and possess the ancient statues -- watch your back!
Ice World
This world has been frozen for centuries, yet creeping enemies survive.
Lava World
Deeper still, the underworld is ruled by hellish fires and fiery foes!
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