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Spelunker HDPlayStation® Store Top Sales Award - Japan 2009
Spelunker Virtual ConsoleTokyo Game Show Retro Game Award For Excellence 2007
Who is Spelunker?
Spelunker is the Weakest Action Hero in the History of Video Games
The Spelunker hero, whose colossal spirit for adventure is countered only by his miniscule threshold for pain, was first introduced in 1983. The sheer number of ways to die coupled with the very exacting controls has pushed Spelunker's reputation from absurd to hilarious and spurred its popularity worldwide. Spelunker champions share a badge of honor like no other.
Uncover lost secrets / Vicious Enemies Ahead / Beware - Don't fall
In search of ancient treasures, our hero must travel deep into underground worlds and explore miles of uncharted caves. Will he unlock the secrets of the pyramid and survive to tell?
He will encounter the many dangerous enemies who have ended all previous explorers ' hopes, as well as the lurking ghosts of the dead themselves!
Height is a constant threat. Many apparatus will put the spelunker in precarious situations; extreme caution required!
Spelunker Frenzy!
Although created in the US, Spelunker's popularity peaked in Japan... and is still growing. It isn't uncommon to hear the Spelunker theme music play when an injury prone player approaches the plate in Japan's professional baseball league.
Experience the Spelunker Phenomenon!
Check out these renowned tunes!
A very jazzy arrangement of the classic Spelunker theme.
The classic refrain that started everything, so long ago...
The daunting new version that dares you to press Start.
The original Spelunker jingle, now recognized by millions...
The upbeat adaptation that perfectly suits the HD graphics.
You're in way over your head when you get to this cave world.
Jump, blast, dodge, run... this cave world is too much fun!
Take a peek at some of Spelunker's most crazed fans!
These girls can really beat out a funky tune - clever arrangement too!
Rockin’ on their last life! One death at the end of the jam and it’s game over…
Rip it up Pumpkin Face!! This is high-octane entertainment!
Electronica homage to the undisputed king of underground exploration.
These funny Japanese lyrics bemoan the woes of controlling the weakest character ever!
After 3 quick deaths & game restart a dreaded ghost arrives… time to close the lid on this pianist?
This fella’ picks through the entire intro theme that plays at the title screen. Nicely done!
The Spelunker phenomenon has swept through Japanese culture and can be heard resonating from karaoke machines in trendy nightclubs and seen on designer t-shirts in vogue clothing outlets. The Spelunker hero was even licensed and featured in another video game.
History of Spelunker
Title screen from Famicom Spelunker
Title screen from Famicom Spelunker.
Package of Spelunker for Famicom
Package of Spelunker for Famicom.
Package of Spelunker 2 for Famicom
Package of Spelunker 2 for Famicom.
Maestro Spelunker
Maestro Spelunker
Minna de Spelunker Title Screen
Minnade Spelunker Title Screen
Lounge - Gathering Place for Cave Explorers
Lounge "Gathering Place for Cave Explorers"
Lounge - The Bat-infested Abandoned Mine Cave
Lounge "The Bat-infested Abandoned Mine Cave"
Minna de Spelunker Z
Minna de Spelunker Z
Spelunker HD Ultimate Edition
Spelunker HD Ultimate Edition
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