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Dive into the Depths of Spelunker HD on Nov. 23rd!

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We’re pleased to announce the official North American release of Spelunker HD for PS3 on the PlayStation® Network. This robust remake of Timothy Martin’s groundbreaking 1983 release, which won the PlayStation®Store Top Sales Award in Japan for 2009, will remind you of just how fragile your existence truly is. Don’t let the trivial $9.99 price tag of the game fool you; after an evening or two in the caves you will be shelling out cash for night lights in the hallway and a motion detector for the foot of your bed – luckily the two Spelunker HD themes are free.

Your objective in each of the 100 newly designed levels is to reach the ancient statue that stands at the entrance to yet a deeper, more heinous cave. Each sprawling cave is a labyrinth, worthy of a bit of head scratching, but a crude map will light up as you explore helping you to eventually wind your way through. En route, you are free to operate the archaic mine equipment (rusted elevators and hydraulic carts) as well as ride the automated machinery (rotating mining wheels and conveyors) that still churn in the dank caverns. You’ll collect a plethora of items and power-ups, encounter a vast array of creatures (both living and dead), detonate bombs and launch flares, as you run, jump and climb your way ever deeper. Whether your quest is driven by greed (unearthing every hidden gem and nugget) or knowledge (unlocking the sacred, lost mysteries) you will crave the cave. Just how low can you go? Visit the official Spelunker HD web site for more information.

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